Achievements And What We Do

HIV Care And Senstisation

We have done HIV care for our members by organizing kits on how can an HIV positive person live a healthy life, we came up with a frequently asked questions booklet , ensuring a proper feeding for all those on ARVS. We have sensitized the community on ways on how to prevent HIV transmission. We have carried out VCT services at safe house\resource center.

Vlogs And Podcast

We are also known as a Media CBO, we have done a couple of Video blogs and Podcast with topics varying from

  • Health Care.
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Human rights
  • Relationships
  • Refugee Migration Process.
  • Entertainment

We post them on all our Social Media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the rest of our followers.

Videography And Photography

  • We have worked with Cosmopolitan Affirming
    Church (CAC).
  • We have worked with Action Aid Kenya, in documenting their project of the alliance between the LGBTIQ and Religious leaders in Mombasa and Nairobi.
  • We got a media training from Where Love Is Legal and Witness For Change Nairobi Nikon team and now we can train members who are interested in Videography and Photography.

Poultry Keeping

  • We received a grant from UNHCR and started a poultry keeping project which was a success.
  • Many of our members gained skills in poultry keeping.
  • The project help us connect with outside community since they were our main customers.


  • We were involved in the Youth In Action Advocacy training that delt with advocating for the rights of the Youths around Africa and we were the only organization that represented the LGBTIQ community.
  • We were invited by Action Aid Kenya to be part of the now born alliance between the LGBTIQ and the Religious leaders from around Kenya.
  • Healing sessions in form of story sharing, Dance Healing, where we partnered with Pembizo Christian Council, and Global Platform Kenya.

Other Activities

Prayer Meetings,
We get together and mobilize the community for prayers at our safe house.

Get Together Parties,
We have had several parties we organize at our safe house to celebrate our sexuality and a as psychosocial support session.

Culnary Activities,
We bring Ugandan cultural food preparation to Kenyan-based International Food Show.


  • We have built a strong connection with other LGBTIQ organisations in Kenya such as; HOYMAS, ISHTAR, TNS, CESSO, RFK
  • We are part of the Umbrella organization of all LGBTIQ refugee community based
    organizations, REFCEA.
  • We have hosted several psychosocial support sessions where we invite LGBTIQ Refugees
    and do lots of exercises including sharing sessions, Counseling sessions, Reading,
    watching and Picnic.
  • In 2015, we formed TNN and immediately embarked on providing HIV-prevention
    related services.
  • We connected with Nairobi-based social services such as hospitals, counselling, spiritual
    care, emotional support
  • We have served over 300 beneficiaries in various ways
  • We ran different sports activities e.g. Netball, handball and soccer
  • Inadequate funds, making it hard to pay house rent, utility bills,
    hospital emergencies, Transportation and more…
  • Increased stress and trauma in the community.
  • The growing homophobic attacks in the Kenyan community.
  • Noticeable barriers between LGBTIQ and healthy professionals
  • High expectations from the community members.

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