Who We Are

The Nature Network is a group of talented Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Ugandan asylum seekers and refugees in Kenya, who through talents in media, performing arts (Drama, Film, Music and Dance) and livelihood programs have been able to form a robust support group. The group was founded by Brian Sebyala, Ssemaganda Roy, Tom Muyunga Mukasa and Kasaali Brian in 2015.

Our History

Since 2009 following the Anti-Homosexuality Act in Uganda, over 5000 LGBTIQ fled Uganda to different countries including: Germany, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Taiwan, UAE, France, Italy, UK, Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa. In 2013-2014, over 700 LGBTIQ refugees from Uganda who are fully documented fled to Kenya. By 2017 200 others who are not yet registered but are in Kenya had joined them. Some of the refugees are also skilled in different fields/ occupations and have different education levels ranging from professional, graduate, undergraduate, post graduate and secondary-school. Age ranges are from 17-40years. Some of the reported illnesses range from infectious, nosocomial, accident-instigated to stress related and they included: Hepatitis, Malaria, Dengue fever, Typhoid, Starvation-driven, STDs, HIV/AIDs and Psychological issues. Over 120 refugees from Uganda have HIV/AIDs and there have been 5 AIDs-related deaths since 2015.

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To provide a safe space in which self determination of Transgender and LGBIQQ is affirmed without prejudices, discrimination and stigma


Ensuring access to tools of economic empowerment and self esteem for all, without discrimination.


Our overall goal is to consolidate our work with transgenders and LGB refugees using and maintaining our resource center as rehabilitation safe space.


  • To bring together community members who have agreed to use all
    opportunities to improve their performing, Entrepreneurial and
    leadership skills.
  • To avail the general public with issues concerning asylum seekers and
    refugees through the arts.
  • To increase capacity for social change among members.
  • To create a non-discriminative and non-judgmental family among the
    LGBTIQ refugees in Kenya.
  • To train members with necessary skills concerning presentation,
    entertainment and health.

Our Team